About Us

Creating Value from Partnerships

Home-SaveTM is one of the leading uk comparison sites that allows you to compare quotes instantly from a wide panel of leading UK companies.

Since its launch Home-Save.co.uk has developed a comprehensive range of solutions through partnerships with online e-tailers and service providers, ensuring customers have access to information which will ensure they get the best deal on a range of products and services that includes Energy, Telecoms, Insurance, Lifestyle and Financial services.  Future additions to the site will include a wider range of services, all with the goal of saving the consumer time and money on all of their everyday home essentials.  

Rewarding Our Members

We value our members, and our members privacy so we will not share your personally identifying information with any third parties, other than our service providers, unless we have your explicit permission to do so.

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Our History

Founded in 2003, we have also developed a number of specialist solutions for closed affinity member markets.  
These membership based organisations cover trade associations, institutions, federations, chambers of commerce and franchise operators, who are generally looking to provide value-added services to attract and retain their members.

We assist our clients in developing innovative and forward thinking partnerships, which deliver real time competitive products for additional none core revenue opportunities.  We deliver this through a fully white labelled service for affiliate schemes; employee benefits schemes and closed marketing opportunities.  We provided members only solutions through a menu of products and services that can be switched on or off at the partners discretion other than energy, which is our leading product.  In addition to this we offer unique technology to provide cash back on top of traditionally negotiated user discounts to our closed marketing groups. We'd like to think that our creativity, flexibility, urgency, experience and expertise of product design and inventive marketing sets us apart from our competitors. 

Strategy, Implementation and Management

Whether you are seeking new sales opportunities, wish to add value to your existing customer proposition or need incremental revenue, we have the skills and expertise to devise and implement the optimum partnership or partnerships to meet your needs. From developing the initial strategy, through to identifying partners and then negotiation and implementation, we can deliver to your objectives.

Knowledge and Experience

Consumers want value that can be earned quickly, benefits that entertain and delight, and offers relevant to their life stages, life events, and interests. Our partners want a way to efficiently drive incremental purchase behaviour and competitive share shift, as well as a way to measure results. Our strategic approach blends market analysis and intelligence with our vast knowledge of the partnership market across numerous industry sectors. This ensures that you have access to the latest thinking, proven methodologies and expert advice. The results are exciting new links with like-minded organisations which place you ahead of the competition. It’s a new rewards experience that gives customers tangible value from leading, everyday retailers.