Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting
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Each time we heat our homes, take a flight or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is released when fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal are burnt. We can all take simple steps to reduce the amount of CO2 we produce, and some helpful links are provided in our 'energy efficiency' section.

We can also offset the rest.  Offsetting means paying someone to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere on your behalf.  In that way we can pay for the damage we are causing and the money helps to fund transition to a lower-carbon world.

Climate Care offsets your CO2 by funding projects around the world. These involve:

  • Renewable energy – this replaces non-renewable fuel such as coal
  • Energy efficiency – this reduces the amount of fuel needed
  • Forest restoration – this absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as the trees grow
  • So as well as taking steps to reduce your 'carbon footprint' you can offset what remains, helping to promote low-carbon technologies where they have the greatest impact.

Find out more about buying offsets and our approach to carbon reduction projects.

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