Why Switch Supplier

Why should I switch?  
Consumers in the UK are free to choose which company supplies their gas and electricity. There are no changes to the pipes, all that changes is the price you pay and who you pay it to. 

What do I need?
To get a quote takes just a few minutes. To give you the most accurate savings quote, it is necessary we have an indication of the amount of energy you use, or the amount you pay per year for your energy. Your bill will give you a good idea if you don't have this information to hand. 

How does your service work? 
Our service compares the tariffs of all major energy suppliers. Results are ranked strictly in order of the savings you make. All you need to know is who your supplier is, approximately how much gas and electricity you use, or how much you spend per month or per year. All of our data comes from the energy suppliers directly and is regularly updated to ensure it is accurate. 

What happens after I submit an application? 
We will confirm your application by email and automatically forward your details securely to your chosen energy supplier. The supplier will start processing the switch and will contact you to confirm when your new service will begin; this may take up to 50 days. 

What are the advantages to me?
This is a fully comprehensive, fully independent and fully impartial service. We pull together all the data and information from suppliers to make your life easier. Within a matter of minutes you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year on your household bills. 

Are your prices kept up to date?
Yes. We monitor the suppliers and tariffs on a continuous basis. In most cases, we receive information before tariff changes are actually made. In this way we are able to provide you with the best advice based on the most accurate and comprehensive data available. 

How do you get paid?
Our revenue comes from the introduction fees paid by the service providers when you switch your energy, through our site. For example, if you research energy and apply to switch to a new provider, they will pay us a small fixed fee once your application to switch is successful. If you use our site to find the best product for your needs but do not apply through the site and instead go direct to the providers’ website to apply, We will earn nothing. We hope that, where possible, you apply through us so we can continue to provide our impartial service for free to all customers.  It is easy for you to see which providers pay us for business that we introduce. All those providers that have an 'apply' icon next to them offer payment to us for new customers. Although we want every supplier to trade with us, so that you can apply to everyone via our site, there are some suppliers who we do not have these agreements with. You can see these suppliers clearly on the results page as they will have ‘enquire’ next to their product information.

Why should I switch supplier? 
The home gas and electricity supply market was deregulated in 1999. This means that you are now able to decided which of the many gas and electricity suppliers supply the energy to your home. You are now able to switch to a cheaper supplier, or to a supplier who offers you a better service that your current gas and electricity supplier. If you are still using your incumbent gas or electricity suppliers, such as British Gas and your original local electricity board, and have never switched to a cheaper gas or electricity supplier it is possible that you can save up to 20% on your energy bills. 

How do I compare electricity and gas prices?
Our free and impartial comparison service will compare all of the suppliers in your area. It will show you which are the cheapest in a clear and easy to understand manner. Once you are ready to switch suppliers we take care of it for you.

Is it easy to switch gas and electricity suppliers? 
Yes, our service makes it as easy as possible for you, and its free. Once you have entered your details into the comparison service, and selected which of the cheaper gas and electricity suppliers you would like to use we will take care of the rest. Your new gas and electricity suppliers will use the same cables, wires, pipes and meters that you currently use, so there will be no change or disruption in your home or in your street. We will contact your old and new gas and electricity suppliers. You will receive your new energy bill from your new supplier. The only changes that you will see are the new name of your new gas and electricity supplier on your energy bill, and a cheaper price to pay on your bill. 

What are the risks of changing gas and electricity supplier? 
There is no risk to the quality of the gas that you will receive at your home. All of the gas suppliers listed on our comparison service are carefully selected. The quality of the gas itself is the same from all of the suppliers. By switching to the cheapest gas supplier you will save money and continue to receive the same quality of gas.