Which Energy Supplier

If you're feeling bewildered about which energy supplier to use then consider the factors that are most important to you. Whether it's a fixed price or online tariff you're after, you are bound to find an option that ticks all the boxes. As the focus on environmental friendliness intensifies by the day, this has resulted in more energy suppliers now offering green energy. These tariffs are based on renewable energy which is produced from natural sources, such as wind and solar power, and are much gentler with the environment than comparable counterparts. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy are infinite so there's never a worry that the earth's resources are being depleted.

If cost is more the focus of your energy tariff needs then there are several available options that are perhaps worth considering. Pre-payment meters are available and these allow customers to do as the name suggests and pre-pay for energy used. This is similar to the 'pay as you go' schemes operated by many mobile telephone companies and is an effective way of budgeting over a certain period of time. It's worth noting that the prepayment option requires a specific prepayment meter and if you don't currently have one of these then you will need to have one installed.

Fixed price plans are also useful for those wishing to budget and provide stability in a fluctuating energy market. This type of plan allows you to fix your gas and electricity prices for a set period of time, usually between twelve and twenty-four months. Knowing exactly how much your gas and/or electricity bills will be for the year ahead is a good way to help you budget more effectively, and avoids any nasty surprises when the bills arrive. Fixed price plans are also referred to as capped energy tariffs.

Online energy tariffs are another cost-cutting detail to look out for and offer prices exclusive to online customers. Indeed, signing up for gas and electricity online means you'll be able to take advantage of some of the most competitive deals, with the added option of managing your complete account online. What's more, managing your energy bills online allows you to access your account securely via the internet - you can enter your own meter readings, view and pay your bills and edit you personal details such as address or direct debit information.

In fact, entering your own reading online is a straightforward way to ensure your bills are up-to-date and accurate. This also eradicates the need to telephone your supplier with readings and you will stop receiving paper bills meaning you're doing your bit for the environment too. This eco-friendly option is offered by most major suppliers such as npower and Scottish Power.

Therefore, it is good to know that you as a consumer you do have a choice when considering energy suppliers; but with many advantages available it is important that you select the right one for your needs.

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