Insurance Guide

There's one important reason why you need car insurance, the law. 

The Road Traffic Act says that drivers must have insurance that will cover the treatment costs if someone else gets injured, or the repair costs if another person's property gets damaged. As these costs can be very high, your personal reason for having car insurance is to make sure, if you have an accident, that you have the money to pay them. This means that you need Third Party insurance at the very least. 

Once your basic liability to others is covered, it's then your choice how much more cover you want to buy, depending on how much protection you want for yourself.  Our quide will tell you all you need to know about car insurance; the different types and features of insurance, how to choose the right policy, highlight common mistakes and give tips on how to cut the cost. When you have all the info you need, simply use our comparison service to compare over 50 well-known insurance providers to find the best deal for you.

Car Insurance