Christmas Technology Must Haves

Christmas Technology Must Haves

If you are making a list and checking it twice ahead of the Christmas shopping rush then you might be in need of some inspiration over what you should buy the tech-heads in your circle of friends and family. Here are a few excellent options that are sure to leave them happy.

Sony PlayStation Vita
While handheld consoles have been a little bruised by the emergence of smartphones in recent years there is still one gadget in this category that will be launching just before Christmas 2011 which will demonstrate that serious gamers still have somewhere to turn for portable fun. The PlayStation Vita will be impressive in terms of hardware specifications, packing a quad-core processor along with a quad-core chip for graphics. This will pump out visuals that can almost stand shoulder to shoulder with the PlayStation 3 via its five inch widescreen OLED display. Touch sensitivity is found on both the front of the PS Vita and its backplate, so Sony is looking to ramp up the level of tactile immersion available in portable form.

Apple iPhone 4S
For mobile phone fans the iPhone 4S will be the most important gadget of Christmas 2011. With is new dual core processor and updated graphics capabilities it will be much more powerful than its predecessor, bringing users the definitive iOS 5 experience, complete with voice-controlled Siri interactivity. An eight megapixel camera on the rear will enable full HD 1080p video capture, the best ever seen on an iPhone, while the slender chassis with glass fascias is just as sleek and stylish as last year`s iPhone 4.

Amazon Kindle 4
The sales of eBooks are quickly eclipsing traditional papery tomes and the latest Amazon Kindle is the cheapest way to start enjoying them on the move. It has the same display as the former version of this device, which means you can read comfortably in natural light and even directly under the rays of the sun. To keep the Kindle 4 as value-oriented as possible there is no physical keypad and no 3G connectivity option, but you still get Wi-Fi for synching your novels and buying new titles from the Kindle store. If you want to spend a little more then the Kindle Keyboard edition is still available.

Nintendo 3DS
The 3DS is likely to be the most affordable contemporary portable gaming system on the market this Christmas, given that the PlayStation Vita is not likely to match up to its £150 recommended retail price when it launches. The dual screen setup is retained from the previous generation of Nintendo portable consoles, but the primary display has that glasses-free 3D technology which makes the 3DS so special. If the 3D effects do not really interest you then the growing library of games, integrated cameras and augmented reality features should help you make a decision.

Check prices online and use voucher codes to get money off these gadgets and a host of other devices at retailers including PC World. This will help you save money and still satisfy the desires of your family.
16th November 2011