Survey highlights how homeowners plan to save energy in the home.

As Energy Saving Week draws to a close, findings from the latest customer poll highlight that over half (51 percent) of London’s homeowners would consider installing solar power in order to save energy in their properties.

This was followed by 21 percent of those surveyed who suggested that they would look into water saving tips and 15 percent who would look into installing an energy efficient boiler.

13 percent of respondents suggested that they wouldn’t invest in energy saving techniques, but might consider looking at other ways, which would include making an effort to reduce the amount of energy used in the first instance.

Commenting on the survey findings, William Davies, managing director at, said: “With energy prices on the rise again, it’s hardly surprising that homeowners are trying to identify ways of reducing costs.

“People are also becoming much more environmentally aware, and reducing emissions clearly helps to reduce the overall impact on the environment. If the costs relating to installing solar energy seem prohibitive, then I’d urge homeowners to consider the long term cost and environmental benefits.” is a leading property maintenance and refurbishment company operating across the domestic and commercial sectors, 24 hours per day. With the tagline – ‘one call property care’, manages all maintenance issues, from the plumbing to the air conditioning and everything in between.
31th October 2011