Switch Mobile Phone

Why should I switch?

Mobile phone deals change so rapidly that the chances are you could save money by switching. For most people, it is possible to switch tariff and network to find a better deal. Switching is simple and can save you hundreds of pounds a year. You will also be able to choose one of the latest mobile phones, most of which are free when you agree to a 12 or 18 month contract.

What do I need? 

Thanks to our advanced technology it literally takes seconds to find the perfect phone and get a quote. All we need to know are your preferred options. Our data comes from the mobile phone suppliers directly and is regularly updated to ensure it is 100% accurate.

How does SimplySwitch work? 

There are two ways to use the service, either choose a handset then search for the best tariff or pick a tariff then match it to your preferred handset – it’s up to you.

What are the advantages to me? 

This is a fully comprehensive, fully independent and fully impartial service. We pull together all the data and information from leading mobile phone dealers to make your life easier. Within a matter of minutes you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year on your mobile phone bills.

How do I choose a phone?

New phones come onto the market every month and manufacturers are competing against each other to bring out new products with the latest features. Ask yourself a few simple lifestyle questions and it’s easy. For example, if you only intend to make 2 or 3 calls a week, do you really want the latest videophone with Wi-Fi and other advanced features? We will show you all the phones that suit your needs and make it easy for you to choose.

Are your prices kept up to date? 

Yes. We monitor the suppliers, tariffs and offers on a continuous basis. In many cases, we receive information before changes are actually made. In this way we are able to provide you with the best advice based on the most accurate and comprehensive data available.

What happens after I submit an application? 

We will confirm your application by email and you will be transferred to the suppliers web site where you will need to complete your order online. The supplier will start processing the switch and will contact you to confirm when your new phone will be delivered and service will begin; this usually takes between two and five working days.

How do we get paid? 

Our service is free to use and we don’t add a penny to the price you pay when you switch. Our revenue comes from the introduction fees paid by the service providers when you use our site. If you use us to find the best product for your needs but do not apply through the site and instead go direct to the providers’ website to apply, we will earn nothing. We hope that, where possible, you apply through us, so we can continue to provide our impartial service for free to all customers.
It is easy for you to see which providers pay us for business that we introduce. All those providers that have an 'apply' icon next to them offer payment to us for new customers. Although we want every supplier to trade with us, so that you can apply to everyone via our site, there are some suppliers who we do not have these agreements with. You can see these suppliers clearly on the results page as they will have ‘enquire’ next to their product information.

Can I change if I am in a contract? 

You can take out a new contract but you will be liable for the line rental on your existing contract for the remainder of the contract period. You should give the network a ring and reduce your tariff to the minimum amount (usually £15-£20 per month). The following day you should call again and ask the network to end your contract. You will receive a final bill for the remaining line rental up to the contract anniversary date. Most networks ask for a 30 day notice period to cancel a contract.

If you already have a mobile phone contract you have three options:

1. Take out a new contract with any network and a new mobile number. This is the most popular option.
2. Take out a new contract with a DIFFERENT network and PORT your existing number
3. Renew your contract direct with your network. This is called an upgrade and your network will send you a new phone. This option is likely to work out much more expensive compared to a new contract and you won’t have the wide choice of tariffs and handsets.

How do I keep my existing number?

If you take a new contract on the SAME network then you will have to take a new mobile number and cancel your existing contract. If you take a new contract on a different network you can keep your existing number.
You can port your number across but the majority of customers don't bother, they simply take out a new contract and then cancel their old one. You can let people know you have changed your number by leaving a message on your old phone during your 30 notice period, to advise callers of your new number.

If it's vital that you keep an existing number and you would like to take a new contract on another network then you should call your service provider and ask for a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). The network will issue the PAC by phone or by post within 2 working days of your request. Once you have this number you can use our switching service, entering the PAC number and your old mobile phone number where indicated on the web site order form.

How long will it take before I get my new phone?

Most phones are delivered within 2-3 working days. If the handset you have selected is out of stock we will tell you before you chose to go ahead.

How much do the calls cost once I’ve used up all my free minutes?

This information will be loaded onto the calculator very shortly – meanwhile you can check the call costs on the merchants page as you progress through your application. The same applies to texts.

How much do the calls cost once I’ve used up all my free minutes?

This information will be loaded onto the calculator very shortly – meanwhile you can check the call costs on the supplier’s page as you progress through your application. The same applies to the cost of text messages and other additional services. 

What's my handset's serial number?

You should keep a note of your handsets serial number (known as the 'IMEI'), as it's very handy if the phone is lost or stolen. The number can normally be found under the battery. You can also get this number from the phone software, by entering '*#06#'.

Can I read my email on my mobile phone?

Smartphones allow you to access e-mail from your POP account via their own dedicated email application. If you don't have a smartphone, but have a phone that supports Java applications & games, there's a small program called EmailViewer that allows you to collect your POP or IMAP email from your mobile. It also lets you send email.
Failing that, you can have message summaries sent to your mobile via text messages (your network operator may offer this), or you can access email via WAP. If you have a PDA, you can connect and access your POP3 email on the move.

Can I send my email on my mobile phone?

Smartphones have built-in email applications and can let you send emails from your handset. On some handsets, particularly Nokia Series 40 phones, you may notice a "Send e-mail" option. Choosing this allows you to enter a subject and some text to email, but when you try to send it, you're asked for an "E-mail server number:" In this space, you need to type a telephone number of a data provider that allows you to use their service for sending an e-mail. Unfortunately, there seems to be no company or service in the UK that offers such a service - certainly, as far as we know, none of the main UK network operators support this. That may not be the case in other countries.

If you don't have a smartphone, but have a phone that supports Java applications & games, EmailViewer may be of use - this small Java application is free to try, and allows you to collect and send email from your mobile. If you have a PDA and a mobile with Bluetooth or Infrared, you can connect and access your POP3 email on the move (Click for Psion, Palm, Pocket PC information)

I'm being asked for my PUK. What does that mean?

PUK stands for 'Pin Unlock Code', and has to be entered if you've locked your SIM by repeatedly entering the wrong PIN code. If you're asked for a PUK code, you've had more goes at guessing your SIM card PIN code than you're allowed. You'll need to phone your network provider Customer Services for your PUK code to unlock the SIM. For security reasons, it's only the network operator that can legally provide you with a PUK code to unlock your SIM.